Networking & Multi-Tenant Internet

Networking of computer systems has become a must in today’s world. It is no
longer restricted to offices and corporations — people today have networks
even in their houses and apartments.
Data transfers have grown as new technology emerges, and soon, as the
Internet gets faster, video conferencing over the internet will be flawless.
The size and speed of the Internet has grown exponentially over the past few
years, and the demand for high-speed residential access is growing with it.

Networking Defined:

Networking is the act of connecting 2 or more computers together. This is
generally done using a cable known as CAT5e (from the name of the standard
describing the cable’s properties).

Today, though, we are not limited to wired infrastructures — a network can
also incorporate wireless connections (commonly known as Wi-Fi) for easier
use with mobile technology. Computer networking in its simple form is no
different than people networking with others. Both are used to share
ideas and information, collaborate, and pass along some form of data.

Whether you have 5 computers or 200, you will need to network them in order
to get anything done. The reason is simple – you need to share data,
resources, and internet – among many other tools.
If you are building new offices or need to network your current location,
New Age Digital can help you get wiring, set up the network’s infrastructure,
and provide and configure high speed internet access.

New Age Digital even has a solution for
networking Multi Tenant Facilities in
the Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas
If you have a building with multiple tenants and would like to provide them with
High Speed Internet access
call us and we will do a site survey . We can also provide
Internet access and server capabilities for a Multi Tenant office.

Significant Benefits Of Our Multi Tenant Solution

  • Significant generation of non-rental income
  • Unlimited users/entities are licensed on one server
  • An excellent marketing differentiator for your property – market with an advantage
  • Attractive facility for prospective tenants/purchasers
  • Extremely cost-effective, with significant savings and the ability to make direct profits

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