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Business Protections Services

Business Protection Flyer
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Business Protection Services

Business Protections Services is a program that is designed to help business manage and protect their information technology and covers three main areas of service. New Age Digital Backup Disaster RecoveryService offers a highly reliable and scalable data backup and recovery service that is a reasonably priced, easy to implement, all-encompassing solution for small and midsized businesses. We provide an on-site NAS backup server along with bundled offsite storage at our Redundant Hardened Facilities in Baltimore and Phoenix ensuring that your data can always be quickly and safely recovered. Our Instant Virtualization capability allows us to reconfigure the on-site backup server as a standby server to keep your business running should the need arise. Our Remote Server Care offers comprehensive back office support for your servers and applications that include remote issue remediation with no per-incident charges. The Monitoring provides 24x7 remote server monitoring and management that is proactive and preventive maintenance oriented. New Age Digital's Workstation Total Care offers comprehensive managed services that proactively monitor your workstations by providing tracking of all software and hardware on each desktop and laptop. Live Help Deskis available from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST on business days. Monitoring provides 24x7 remote workstation monitoring and management that is proactive and preventive maintenance oriented.