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Backup and Business Recovery

Business Protection Services

New Age Digital's Backup and Business Recovery Service offers a highly reliable and scalable data backup and recovery service that is a reasonably priced, easy to implement, all-encompassing solution for small and midsized businesses.

We provide an on-site backup server along with bundled offsite storage at our Redundant Hardened Facilities in Baltimore and Phoenix ensuring that your data can always be quickly and safely recovered.

We can virtualize your server(s) in the Cloud at our Disaster Facility until on-site recovery can be performed. What this means is that we can have you back up and running in hours even if your building were to burn down or have some other disaster strike it that renders everything inoperable!

We can then build a replacement server for overnight shipment to wherever it is needed..

Our Instant Virtualization capability allows us to reconfigure the on-site backup server as a standby server to keep your business running should the need arise.

  • Seamless on and off site secure data backup process without interrupting your daily business operations
  • Backups performed as often as needed: hourly, daily or even every 15 minutes; you determine the frequency
  • Numerous restoration points and redundant off site co-location facilities ensures safety and security
  • Secure data transmission using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Adaptive Bandwidth Throttling adjusts backup outbound bandwidth use to allow for your real-time business usage needs
  • Scheduled incremental backup of all modified data since last backup increases speed and security of entire process
  • Fast recovery of files and folders to the destination server over highly secure IP
  • All aspects of the on-site and off site backup process are monitored continually by the Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Data stored on site and at the primary data center then replicated at the secondary facility (Baltimore and Phoenix)

New Age Digital provides catastrophic recovery service if your entire office and on-site backup server (NAS) are lost with server replacement and current backup data shipped the next day.