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Company Overview

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New Age Digital has been serving its clients in and around Richmond, Virginia since 1984. We have always provided high-quality products, services and solutions to our clients at competitive prices.

Products and Services

Business Protections Services

Business Protections Services is a program that is designed to help business manage and protect their information technology and covers three main areas of service. New Age Digital Backup Disaster RecoveryService offers a highly reliable and scalable data backup and recovery service that is a reasonably priced, easy to implement, all-encompassing solution for small and midsized businesses. We provide an on-site NAS backup server along with bundled offsite storage at our Redundant Hardened Facilities in Baltimore and Phoenix ensuring that your data can always be quickly and safely recovered. Our Instant Virtualization capability allows us to reconfigure the on-site backup server as a standby server to keep your business running should the need arise. Our Remote Server Care offers comprehensive back office support for your servers and applications that include remote issue remediation with no per-incident charges. The Monitoring provides 24x7 remote server monitoring and management that is proactive and preventive maintenance oriented. New Age Digital's Workstation Total Care offers comprehensive managed services that proactively monitor your workstations by providing tracking of all software and hardware on each desktop and laptop. Live& Help Deskis available from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST on business days. Monitoring provides 24x7 remote workstation monitoring and management that is proactive and preventive maintenance oriented.

Computer Hardware

New Age Digital's network of vendors and manufacturers allows us to provide a huge array of computer hardware and peripherals from the companies you know and trust. Our engineers can design and implement the necessary systems to give you the access you need to your servers, printers, scanners, network access devices, data storage, etc. We can build a whole new network from scratch to provide the greatest efficiency and reliability, or just replace that existing old server with a brand new, top-of-the-line machine. In some cases we can even repurpose your existing hardware in order to provide a lower-cost solution.

Computer Software

A computer system is only as good as its software, and software is only good if it's useful to you. That's why it pays to get the right software for your business. New Age Digital's experienced customer service staff and integration specialists will work with you in order to recommend the software solutions that best fit the needs of your company. Programs such as operating systems, Point of Sale (POS) systems, accounting packages, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are only a tiny sample of the types of software packages we offer. Your imagination is the limit. We can also recommend modifications or additions to your existing software, in order to ensure that it best suits the requirements of your growing business.


Whether your firm needs a fiber optic network installed throughout its office, or network connections added to just one room, New Age Digital can help. We can design and implement your Local Area Network, or set up a Wide Area Network for communications to your branch or home office, and can implement a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which will allow your telecommuting employees access to everything they need to do their work more efficiently. If a wireless network system is needed, New Age Digital has the ability to create the proper system for you.

Telephone Systems

Your communications to your clients is important to New Age Digital. By analyzing the methods in which you communicate to your customers, we can recommend and install all telephony systems and equipment.

Internet Connectivity

Internet access is vital for any business today. Being online means quicker access to important information and easier communications between your customers, your offices, and your vendors. New Age Digital offers a wide variety of Internet connectivity options, including DSL, ISDN, T1, T3, and fiber optic network links. Most of our service options feature redundant links, which help to make your Internet access more reliable. Our customer service reps can help you find the right balance between high speed and low cost, so you won't be wasting money on speed you don't need.

Web Development

A proper website influences the way in which your online customers do business with you. A website needs to be demographically correct, and be easy to read and understand. Our website developers at New Age Digital have been creating websites for many years, and can create a site that best reflects the goals and personality of your company's business.

Web Hosting

Your online customers should be able to connect to your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our web hosting servers are in a secure facility with multiple high-speed lines connected directly to the internet.

E-Mail Hosting

New Age Digital can host your company's email service, allowing for quick changes, modifications, and security. Adding an e-mail address is as easy as picking up the phone and calling one of our customer service specialists.


Protection for all outside and inside environments is essential in today's technology world. New Age Digital can provide the necessary virus protection, elimination of all SPAM, and a total reduction of any pornographic materials that may get near to your system. You can be assured that your hardware, software, and e-mail are 100% protected. For more complex environments that include custom servers and web applications, New Age Digital can perform a site survey to find any problem areas, and propose changes which would improve the safety and reliability of your hardware and data. Of course, we can also implement any of the changes we suggest.


New Age Digital has been doing business for over 20 years. With our expertise in the technology field, you have the right to expect New Age Digital to provide the best in engineering consultation as your business grows!