Spam Filtering Support

Welcome to New Age Digital’s Spam Filtering and Virus Protection Service. This service is enabled by AppRiver. The purpose of this document is to help new users by providing some reference information about the major features of this Service. After reviewing this information, you’ll know how to login to your AppRiver Quarantine, review and search your held mail, release messages to your inbox, as well as several other functions.


To login to your private account (requires administrator approval) go to the provided in the email you should have received from the Service and click on the link highlighted below.

Logon Credentials

Next, enter your company email address and the password provided to you in the same email which contains the logon URL.

Home Tab

After logging-in you are immediately placed in the Home Tab. This area is used by AppRiver to provide information about new features, news about the business, and system alerts. The screen looks something like the following:

Spam Tab

Click on the "Spam" Tab to view your spam quarantine (email identified by the system as spam). The screen will look similar to the following image:

Spam Tab Functions

a) Message Searching:
Since the quarantine often contains many messages, a convenient search tool is built-in to the quarantine making access to specific messages simple and quick to do. Enter just as much information as you think you'll need (first part of the person’s user-name or domain) in the search box for an effective search and then “click” the “Filter List” button. Only messages matching your search criteria will be shown. In the example shown the search was for messages from a domain that started with “@mag”.

Releasing Held Mail:

To release a message (or several) from the quarantine, click the check-box on the left side of the screen and then the “Resend Marked” button. The message will be released from the quarantine and delivered to your inbox. Delivery to your inbox typically takes between 5 and 15 minutes.

Viewing & Releasing Held Mail:

To safely view the contents of a message, including header data, simply mouse over and click on the message. This is useful to learn why the message was quarantined. The line labeled “X-Note: Spam-Tests-Failed:” (highlighted below) shows a summary of the major tests the message failed. In addition, a new menu is displayed providing message navigation and release functions within this view. To return to the main quarantine view, click on the “Spam” tab.

Virus Tab:

Information about virus infected messages blocked by the Service is available by selecting this tab.

Reports Tab

We recognize that logging in to a web interface to review your held mail is time-consuming and requires your proactive effort. As an alternative, simply enable the Daily SpamLab Report and the Service will work for you. Click the checkbox and press the “Update” button to turn on this Report. By doing this you are instructing the Service to send you an email once per day showing a summary of your newly quarantined messages from the last 24 hours. The Report usually arrives between 3:30A and 8:00A CST. Included in the email is a “Resend” button associated to each message listed. If you spot a message you would like to receive, simply “click” on the associated “Resend” button and the message will be delivered to your inbox within a matter of minutes. A sample Held Mail Report is shown below.

Sample Held Mail Report – Note that messages can be released for delivery simply by pressing the “Resend” button.

8. Filtering Tab

Use this tab to turn off your spam filtering. If you decide to disable filtering, you will not have any spam protection. Please inform your system/email administrator if you intend to disable your email filtering.

9. Clear Button

To “bulk” remove all spam from your quarantine click the “Clear” button. Note that it’s not necessary to actively manage your quarantine. Messages in the quarantine are automatically removed once they are more than 5 days old. If you decide to use the bulk “Clear” button, you will receive the following screen asking for your confirmation. Once you delete the spam, it cannot be “undeleted”.

Other Notes

• While our filters catch around 97% of the spam you receive, some spam will get through our filters. To ensure they only get through once you are encouraged to send spam that does sneak through to AppRiver at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . AppRiver will analyze the message and update the system appropriately.
• As mentioned earlier, spam is held in the quarantine for your review for a period of five days.

Contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or have a suggestion to improve the Service.