About three years ago we hired New Age Digital to help more and maintain our network computer system. This has proven to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Kristen Jones, Joel Bieber Law Firm
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“New Age Digital was referred through personal affiliations; I knew their reputation and trusted them as individuals that they would do their best to accommodate our personal and business needs."
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The installation ... was a seamless process. The attention to detail was most impressive.

Brian Liggan, Owner and Principal Broker, Virginia Capital Realty
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New Age Digital will try to connect through telephone discussion to determine if onsite visit is necessary.

Crawford, Old Dominion Tractor

I like that we are running more efficiently due to the maintenance you provide.

Buddy, Joel Bieber Law Firm

Spam filter is great along with the high speed connectivity you provide.

Paul, Shoosmith Construction, Inc.

I appreciate being able to call and actually talk to someone.

Mary, B&L Flooring

Flexible and prompt service. We have never had an unanswered phone call or email. When we need you you’re always there, your customer service is top of the line.

Stacy, R J Smith Companies

The biggest benefit is not having to worry about our computer system. Also anytime we have a problem someone acts promptly to correct it.

Joel Bieber Law Firm

The biggest benefit has been allowing us to concentrate our energies on our core business without having to overly educate ourselves into the intricacies of information management.

Ray, Williamsburg Millwork Corp

Fast response time to calls and great support.

Susan, Foster and Associates Law Firm

You have helped us get practical applications out of software that appears impractical.

Ray, Williamsburg Millwork Corp

Your service has always been timely and reliable

Mike, Plastex Fabricators

You get the job done but even more than that, I feel as if I’m actually talking to down to earth people, which is hard to find in the tech field.

Doug, Venture Insurance

Network Installation and Service (LAN/WAN)

Your employees and customers count on a dependable network to provide them access to email, company files and print services.
If you network goes down, you have a loss in productivity, and loss of sales.

From new network installations to an upgrade of your current network with wired or wireless components, New Age Digital will build a network that you can depend on to stay connected.
We don't just stop there. Even the best networks can have issues, and our network service contracts allow your company to prevent future problems before they affect your business.

Standard Network Services Offered Include, but are not limited to:
  • Connecting and configuring servers and PCs
  • Installing and Configuring network printers
  • Configuring routers and switches
  • Installing and configuring high speed internet services, like T1s

Are you looking for a VPN solution for your business?
By Mixing DSL, Frame Relay, Point to Point T1, and other connectivity technologies, New Age DIgital can create a secure private WAN (Wide Area Network) that is completely separate from the Internet. This eliminates the typical security risks, headaches, and cost associated with normal VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions.

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