Virginia Server Colocation Services

What is Colocation?

Colocation is connecting your server to a high speed internet connection, located in our colocation facility, in Richmond, Virginia.
If you do not already have your own server, New Age Digital can assist in the purchase and installation of one for you.

Why Do I Need a Colocated Server?

With New Age Digital's Server Co-location Service, you have complete control over your server configuration. Co-location is also the most cost-effective and easy way to maintain continuity of service to your customers and suppliers.

Key Colocation Service Features

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Air-conditioned environmental control
  • Battery/generator back-up power supplies
  • Flexible space and capacity
  • Unparalleled, carrier-class connectivity to the internet backbone
  • All Co-location Services supported by New Age Digital's state-of-the-art network infrastructure

Service Uptime

At New Age Digital, we know that you expect not to have your server go down and this is why we maintain a 99.999% uptime.

Colocation Costs

There are two costs for a colocated server:

  • Rental Fee
    This is the charge for the space you use. We offer multiple options for our colocation service:
    • Half Rack - $500 / month
    • Full Rack - $650 / month
    • 1U Rack unit - $25 / month
  • Connection Charge
    This is the charge for internet access for your server. Connection speeds available are:
    • 768 Kb/s - $135 / month
    • 1024 Kb/s - $165 / month
    • 1544 Kb/s - $250 / month
    • Contact Us for others not listed

Managed Hosting

New Age Digital also offers managed hosting starting as low as $150 a month.

Features include:
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server OS Updates
  • Daily Backups