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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Services

New Age Digital is a Richmond Virginia based IT company which provides search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing services.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is method in which traffic is driven to web sites through the use of search engines. The process of search engine optimization starts with a website analysis, to evaluate your site's content, layout, internal linking structure and to begin keyword selection and research. An assessment is then done to evaluate what sites currently hold top search engine positions in Yahoo, Google and MSN, and also where your main competitors rank in the search engines for your list of keywords. All of this along with inbound link assessment and more can place you higher in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Why do you need search engine optimization?

There could be anywhere from hundreds to millions of web pages on the internet competing against your business' keywords. When most web users use a search engine, they will look at the first few pages of results, then move on. If your site is not in the top results, you are losing potential customers. With proper SEO techniques, you show up higher in results, reaching more people and driving more traffic to your site.

What are proper SEO Techniques?

Simply adding meta tags full of keywords and descriptions, and submitting your URL to every search engine and directory on the internet is not going to increase your rankings.

Prefer to Sell Locally? SEO is Still a Must.

Search Engine Optimization isn't all about global results. Many companies optimize their site for local results and list their businesses in local directories.

Why are top search results important?

Most internet users find the information they are interested in using a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo!, or MSN Search).
Whether a user is using their prefered search engine, or they are using the brower's default (Ex: Internet Explorer uses MSN Search and Firefox/Mozilla has built in tools for Google Searches), your site needs to be available quickly, in the top top of the result pages. Top search eningine results means more web site traffic, which leads to more sales.